LG 08 Kg Automatic Front Load Washing Machine RC8066CF (Imported)


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8Kg True Steam™ Dryer with Advanced Inverter Technology

  • Sensor Dry
  • Temperature Selector
  • Water Tank Sterilization
  • Capacity 08 Kg
  • Touch LED Display


*Comparison between LG 8kg energy A and energy B dryers.
*versus LG energy A rated dryer ECO mode for 8kg(LG Lab tested)
**Based on average Eurostat for Germany,France,and UK,second half on 2012.
*99.9% Allergens reduction certified by BAF.
*99.9% Allergens reduction certified by BAF.
  • A Grade Condensing for Less Moisture1

    A Grade Condensing for Less Moisture

    The LG ECO Hybrid™ Dryer uses condensing to deliver up to 90% drying performance. Clothes come out of the dryer very dry, with practically no moisture, fewer wrinkles and no static electricity.

  • Two-way tumbling1

    Two-way tumbling

    The LG dryer drum rotates both clockwise and counter clockwise, preventing clothes from getting tangled or overly creased.

    *Two-way dryer tumbling is only available on some drying programs

  • Big Capacity1

    Big Capacity

    Larger drum for bigger capacity per load. Less drying frequency to provide more free time for you and your family.

  • Antibacterial Water Tank1

    Antibacterial Water Tank

    Forget to empty your dryer’s water tank? No need to worry. The tank contains an antibacterial substance that helps prevent the emergence of any bacterial contaminants.

  • Stainless Steel Drum1

    Stainless Steel Drum

    The NeveRust™ stainless steel drum does exactly that no rust, ever! Conventional painted drums gradually chip but the scratch-resistant stainless steel drum looks bright and clean for longer.

  • LED Drum light1

    LED Drum light

    You can see clothes drying inside the drum.

  • Easy to Clean Filter1

    Easy to Clean Filter

    In addition to easy cleaning, the filter does not block any part of the glass door, allowing a clear view of the laundry inside.

  • Separate Rack(Accessary)1

    Separate Rack(Accessary)

    For shoes and fabric needing refreshing without tumbling.
    (Silk, wool, delicate, lingerie) 


  • Capacity


    Dry Type


  • Door



    Touch LED

  • Sensor Dry


    Speed Dry, Air Dry


  • NFC Tag On™


    Smart Diagnosis™



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LG 08 Kg Automatic Front Load Washing Machine RC8066CF (Imported)


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