Haier 8 Ton Floor Standing Air Conditioner HPU-96CT03
High Efficiency Energy Saving:?The Unit adopts import high EER compressor

Venturi Tube refrigerant distributor:?Venturi tube high tech refrigerant distributor improves high efficiency

Touch Screen :CD Display , Handle Easily:?The cabinet type has a very large LCD screen, so operation state of the unit will be clear at a glance, it is very convenient to use.

15m 3D Airflow:?The air conditioner adopts 3 stepping motor to auto swing up, down, left and right to circulate cool and warm air to every corner of the room. The air reaches 15 meters conveniently

Rounding Natural Air:?Apply innovative natural rounding air technology, simulating natural frequency spectrum, adjusting fan speed at random, three dimensions air scanning and natural air delivering, not blowing to human body, more convenient and comfort

Work up to 52 Degrees(T3 condition):?Haier air conditioner can continue to give cooling or heating air even when temperature comes to 52 Degrees outside

Quiet Operation:?Airflow pass through the outlet smoothly and fluently owing to the streamline air outlet, bring a much more quiet space.

Wide voltage: Wide voltage with the fluctuations between 175V-242V has a strong adaptability, whether under urban peak, or insufficient power supply in remote areas, the unit is able to operate normally. Like cactus. Common ones only resume normal operation under 220V or so, the machine would burn down if voltage is too high, while too low voltage, it can not operate normally.

Double System Exchange Function:?One system works for 12 hrs and then other takes up for next 12 hours. Ideal for 24 hrs data centers where continued and reliable cooling is required.

Long pipe length, High height drop:?Long piping length 50m and large 30m drop, flexible installation design

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