Canon 6 Liters Instant Gas Geyser 601-P


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Canon 6 Liters Instant Gas Geyser 601-P

  • Model 601 P
  • Capacity: 6 Ltr/min,
  • Heat exchanger: 1Kg
  • 2 Years warranty (width 265mm,)
  • Pressure: Zero water pressure valve (0.01-0.8Mpa),
  • Rated heat power: 12
  • Gross weight: 6.50Kg
  • Net weight: 5.50 Kg


Canon 6 Liters Instant Gas Geyser 601-P

apacity: 1 Kitchen                                  Heat Exchanger: 1.00KG                  (pure copper coated zinc),                                    Pressure:  Zero pressure valve
(solenoid with copper wire)                    Front painting thickness: 0.60mm                    Grey Base painting: 0.50mm                      Water pipe: 9mm diameter, 0.40thick,                Body Size: 440*300*140mm
Net weight: 3.90Kg                            Gross weight: 4.70Kg                            Color: white

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